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  • continue honorable and faithful service to my neighbors and to my community.

  • to be available to every citizen; through an "Open-Door" policy and act as their eyes, ears and voice in our community.

  • to understand our collective needs and formulate disciplined and measured solutions for the common good.

  • to ensure every township process is well established and easily accessible for all.

  • to develop caring, face-to-face relationships with YOU; which will foster a sense of belonging and where your voice will be heard.

  • to increase citizen participation in our local government.

  • to do whatever it takes to build a strong community which we can proudly call home.


Our neighborhoods are where most people make their biggest investment. Our neighborhoods are where our lives happen. Our neighborhoods deserve all the attention we can afford.


The Board of Supervisors must create an inviting business friendly environment to ensure a robust business community is able to support our community.


This is the easy stuff; police and fire protection, road maintenance, planning and zoning, parks and recreation, garbage collection, licensing of businesses, and code enforcement.


Open spaces may be the most critical piece and one of our greatest resources. I think here we pay a huge price if we do not protect what was given to all of us so long ago. We must preserve open spaces whenever and wherever we can.