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I believe life is for service. And I believe that trust is the basis of that service.


I believe public service is a selfless act; it is that neighborly helping hand that doesn't ask for anything in return through a never-ending spirit of serving and giving.

I believe we must protect what was given to us by those who came before us and preserve for those who will follow us.

I believe it is our responsibility to be good stewards; We must be above reproach. We must be hospitable; Doers of good, with discipline and self-control. We must be trustworthy and sound in doctrine and in purpose as we create what we will leave to those who will come after us. We shall not squander away our resources, instead further the common good through responsible, accountable and measurable process, beneficial and transparent to all.

I believe communities like ours have a more coherent identity than the nation as a whole. The four villages (Gwynedd, Gwynedd Valley, Penllyn, and Spring House) come together to form who we are, and create that distinct feeling that makes here our home. No other place like it. We are different than the communities around us. We know this is where we belong.....together. I will do everything possible to preserve that character and ensure we endure.

It is here we set our roots, from which to raise our families and create our own legacy. And to join together as a community to create OUR legacy. Here we will all bloom where planted....in the place we all call home, our own Lower Gwynedd. #homesweethome

It is with William Penn, our first hero of American liberty, that our legacy begins.......

In 1698, it was laid out for all by Welsh Settlers as part of the Welsh Tract.

The founding of our great nation....presented us with a framework for the Great Experiment.

This is our time. It is our responsibility to do what is right, right now.




Today and forward